Gothic Lolita Wigs Review
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13 thoughts on “Gothic Lolita Wigs Review

  1. Scotty Ray Phillips

    I’m not sure why you bought the rhapsody wig if you planned on
    straightening it, haha. ?

  2. Ibuki Mioda

    that wasn’t really a review lol. you probably should’ve got a different wig
    since the rhapsody is supposed to be poofy & not straight.?

  3. Brittany Shipwreck

    There’s a thing on the inside of the wig that allows you to adjust it to
    the size of your head.

  4. canapop

    I am interested in getting this style or the prima donna so that i can do a
    loose to med tight braid. Would you suggest the rhapsody as having enough
    fluffyness for what need or the prima donna

  5. Kalel Baghdadi

    I got that wig because of you it looks so cool!! Oh!!! Can you Make A video
    about curling wigs!!??? Thanks>U<


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