Guide To Buying Wigs On eBay

Please don’t ask me to pick a wig for you. Wig Stores: (Same seller as Moemall on eBay) http://www.epiccosp…
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15 thoughts on “Guide To Buying Wigs On eBay

  1. Kohaku Pendragon

    Most wigs I have gotten from Ebay, were cheap but had really good quality.
    It’s probably because i bought them when sales were going on. ?

  2. LeChocoHail

    One more tip to add. Pick a wig that is heat resistance!! I had one very
    bad experience with this pricey long wig from a local retailer. Tried to
    use a straighter on it and it completely ruin the wig with frizz. D: So now
    i go to ebay cuz as she say it is a lot more budget friendly to our wallets
    + i get better quality (heat resistance)
    Heat resistance makes your wig alot more styling able for curling or
    straightening. Just saying from my own personal tragedy! >< ?

  3. mahiru

    the short blonde with you showed??? i bought one with a picture of that
    model , supposed to be dave strider length, turned out the be a bowl cut
    that barely fits over my head. :’/ ?

  4. SteelCityGamerzz

    I wanna get a blonde wig for Dave strider on ebay, by the seller agree518
    or something like that but alot of people are wary of that seller >.

  5. DangerSounds

    Have you tried Aliexpress? It’s kind of like taobao but they will ship it
    straight to you from china. I’ve only ever bought wigs from there cause
    most are cheap and good quality. I got my Hatsune Miku wig from there and
    it only cost $20, same with my Luka wig.?

  6. fritzwa11

    I am checking out these wig sites and Ebay sellers and I noticed that the
    Ebay seller moemall_cosplay and the site have the same
    pictures for wigs. I’m really confused. Which is the real wig seller? ?


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