HAIR| Lace Wig Info for Beginners + Make it Look NATURAL!

HAIR| Lace Wig Info for Beginners + Make it Look NATURAL!

EXPAND FOR ALL INFO, LINKS & FAQs** —-LINKS—- How I prep my natural hair for a wig: The wig I received is o…

22 thoughts on “HAIR| Lace Wig Info for Beginners + Make it Look NATURAL!


    very thorough! PEOPLE NEED TA KNOW GIRL. they be like “these wigs are
    overpriced. why waste my money?!” ummm can you fuse hairs onto microscopic
    lace? LOL?

  2. Jasmine Whitaker

    This is the best RPG show wig review and demo. Not a beginner but someone’s
    gonna come across this video and it will be very informative and helpful.
    How ya been Raven! (: ?????????????????????????????

  3. Aja Nature

    Love middle parts on you actually! And thanks this video was really
    helpful. I’m considering getting a wig and I think I may be convinced?

  4. k_ Marie

    So im watching this video next to my boyfriend, whom is passed out by the
    way, and you say “first things first im the realest” and he wakes up from
    his sleep craking up. ??????

  5. 50LittleMama

    First I parted it in the middle and just a dab of foundation and it looked
    great.But wait I am aside part lady. Parted it on the side and the part was
    hardly showing then I plucked a bit of the hairs off and it looked weird.
    Then I made a different side part and only took a few hairs out this time
    and laid the side bangs. Still looks like a lot of hair I cannot make flat
    even though I wet my part and slept in scarf.Paid too much money fo rthis
    so I have to make it work!?

  6. 50LittleMama

    Unfortunately I purchased the same wig.The first one I got last year was so
    thin so I ordered 160% this time. And now I have the wig but instead of
    looking like all the other divas being kind of yaki mine is silky like
    caucasion or asian hair. And I am having a problem trying to make it look
    natural.Any suggestions????

  7. CharsDIY

    I just created my youtube channel this week and I stumbled upon your
    channel absolutely love your videos! New subscriber:)?

  8. Bianca Almedina

    So so so helpful! I have naturally kinky, curly hair but I’ve damaged it
    since I’ve applied so much heat to it so I’m thinking about buying a wig or
    getting a full sew-in. After watching this video, I’m pretty sure what
    route I’m gonna take :) Thank you!?

  9. Jasmin Reid

    Do you necessarily have to braid your hair done? Could I just wrap my hair
    too??? I don’t know how to braid. ?

  10. 50LittleMama

    Okay It looks a little better now. I found a big barrel Revlon curler and
    heated it up and flattened the hair in a roller then use the side of the
    barrel and smoothed it a bit. I will make sure that any wig I order never
    has 160% hair at the front part again!?

  11. Nancy livie

    Hi, I was wondering if a lace wig can be sewn on. I don’t wanna have to
    always put it on and I like how there’s no tracks and the lace looks like
    scalp. Thank you:)?


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