Hair Talk- Blue highlights, Purpose of Wigs, Hair bleaching, Etc and Shoutout

I got food poisoning and major cramps and I am still recovering from it. I was advised to rest for awhile, but look who filmed last week. I will be back making more videos for you all. :) WHERE TO FIND ME: Chic And Affordable Accessories: QUALITY AFFORDABLE BRUSHES: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ME ON MY LEAVE REQUESTS OR MESSAGE ME ON INSTAGRAM: beautykloveonyoutube beautyklove, long hair, wigs, whispy ends, split ends, hair bleaching, dyed hair, dry and damaged hair, blue highlights, shoutout, filipina guru
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18 thoughts on “Hair Talk- Blue highlights, Purpose of Wigs, Hair bleaching, Etc and Shoutout

  1. Mariusca9605

    When are you going to do curls on short lenght hair, because i cut my hair about a month ago and i have not tried to do curls,, its really? short,, like to my neck basically.. I’m just wondering, i know you dont have that much time.. But i would be glad if you did one,, :)) ??

  2. beautyklove

    It took me three years to get to this length. I understand you, taking care of your ends are crucial. I will taking about this? on the next series. :)

  3. MissMuffinmoonx3

    how long did you grow your hair? :)

    my hair is a bit wavy and it reaches my chest. i want it to be at the upper part of my belly, but it’s so damaged and actually i have to cut it… it gets? damaged so fast, i really take care of my hair i use professional shampoo and argan oil and i straighten my hair really seldom, i just dry it with a hair dryer to get it a bit more straight and when i dry it, i use the smallest heat that’s possible.. what should i do?? :( (sorry for mistakes i’m german)

  4. shadowchsr79

    A bit of a shame that the extensions didn’t come longer but it was still really a nice look and I like how you made your eye makeup match. I look forward to the hair care videos, especially on how to properly trim for healthy thick ends and to grow it long. I’ve never gotten my hair past my waist without looking thin at the bottom and with a lot of split ends. I recently had to cut off about five inches or so to get rid of the damage and give it any? hope of growing it out long and healthy.

  5. Sonal S

    yes? please! Cant wait for that video!
    you know when you reply to everyone’s comments you sound so nice and sweet! It actually makes me happy to read your comments 😀


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