Hair Talk – Wigs Vs. Weaves (What’s Better Wigs Or Sew-ins)

Hair Talk - Wigs Vs. Weaves (What's Better Wigs Or Sew-ins)

We ask the question, what’s better in general, wigs or sew-ins. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below. My Fashion Channel…
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4 thoughts on “Hair Talk – Wigs Vs. Weaves (What’s Better Wigs Or Sew-ins)

  1. Kai_Decadence

    I really enjoyed your video and I can see from both sides. I currently have
    my hair relaxed but I do want to try an alternative to it. I’ve been
    thinking about trying a wig as I really wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a
    sew in over my hair and risking it not getting moisturized. The only thing
    that scares me about the wig is worrying if it will go flying off lol Are
    there any steps in securing the wig to where it wouldn’t fly off during
    wind? I just ask because where I live, it can get very windy and the worst
    part is it can be unpredictable at times haha.

    But yeah, very nice video. Hair is just an accessory at the end of the day.
    If you feel comfortable wearing it natural, relaxed, weave, wig, sew in,
    etc. then more power to you because all that matters is you keep your
    personality. It’s always annoying when people call those how wear hair fake
    when really, the people are still themselves.?

  2. Platinum Rose

    I have A LOT of hair and I love both but I am partial to sew-ins. If I wear
    a wig, I will sew it on for weeks at a time. Like you said, I need to be
    one with my hair. Good vid. ?

  3. Cee Ivy

    saw your video on kiss i wear both think they are both great protective
    styles its just more work making sure your hair is moisturized under a
    weave i co wash weekly under my weaves and spray diluted cond between the
    tracks every other day or use a dropper with water based leave in
    conditioner i do sew my wigs down sometimes every four days it takes like
    15 min i have a video up this is too funny i cant take my hair off at
    night as well PLEASE check out my channel +thestylenewsnetwork ?


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