Hair Transition update Sex and Wigs

Relaxed to Natural Hair Transition update Sex and Wigs Lighting is still off but i’m working on it! Transition From Relaxed to Natural Update Sex and Wigs Why I decided to Go Natural and…

11 thoughts on “Hair Transition update Sex and Wigs

  1. Sabreeus(Plus Size Fashion Designer)

    You look great Hairsta that’s were I get wigs from,I believe you should go
    what’s look good on don’t really need to do all the big chop. if
    you ad perm in your hair stripe it with washing hair with beer. keep trim
    it will start to go natural.Funny about the wig coming off you the big
    bobby pins.Peace and Love!?

  2. Afrothentic Fisher

    LOL,okay I’m watching at work…:P laughing. If you double pin and tighten
    the adjustable straps you should be good for any extra activity. Many years
    ago I had a pony tail fall off LOL!!! he didn’t even notice ;)?

  3. monabrown101

    I dunno but….. I just love you soooo much!!!!!! Lol….. love ur
    personality n stuff. Sorry for being rather weird/random… hehe… :)?

  4. Latanya Ervin

    I don’t like wigs and weaves but that wig looks very good on you. Your
    hair will be back before you know it, longer and stronger than ever! Happy

  5. dee43211

    Girl you have nothing to worry about, your hair always look nice. As for
    the wig staying on while your “busy” lol, don’t know much about that but
    thanks for the laugh. You have just made my night! When your married you
    forget about those things but girl, you got me thinking back to when I was
    dating and some of the situations I encountered!!!LOL ?


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