Harry Potter Cosplay Items, Sexy Swimsuits + Bubblegum Wigs! CNDirect Haul!

G’day Everyone! I got so many amazing items in this haul!, I can’t wait to start using my glue gun and creating awesome diy cosplay items. Plus the pink wig …

22 thoughts on “Harry Potter Cosplay Items, Sexy Swimsuits + Bubblegum Wigs! CNDirect Haul!

  1. loveehaileyy

    Mary, I am such a fan of your hauls! Every time you come out with a new
    one, it’s the first video I watch of the day. I love how you explain
    everything you got, and actually tell us if it’s worth buying. So I just
    wanted to tell you to keep up the fantastic work!?

  2. Amanda Catherine

    Like a lot of people, I came from Ken’s channel. But I really genuinely
    love your channel! I never watch haul videos and reviews, but for some
    reason, I watch every single one of yours. You seem like such a genuine and
    nice person, and I look up to you in terms of how you take care of your
    body and stuff because I have a similar body type. Thank you for all you
    do. Love ya! :)?

  3. sharee jeffers

    Hey SuperMaryFace! i was wondering how the shipping time was? and did they
    charge you one bulk shipping price or did they charge you per item? there
    are sooo many things i want now!! and Christmas is coming!! Thank you for
    the video <3 ?

  4. Pedro Colaco

    When the title of the video contains “Sexy Swimsuits” I’M IN !! Damn gurl u
    r gorgeous! <3?

  5. FoxyThePirate FNaFFanartist

    Oooooh i’m so excited! I just got a bunch of money, and I am definitely
    going to try this place for cosplay! By the way I love your videos, and I
    just love you XD (Not creepy stalky though .-. XP)?

  6. RainybowStupidness

    That one piece is so gorgeous. I wish I could pull it off, except I have a
    semi flat chest. So, I guess I’ll just wait for a miracle to happen and
    I’ll magically have bigger boobs.?

  7. Alicia Unitato

    Great video!
    But I think if you would wear the monokini swimsuit thing at the beach, you
    would get really weird tan lines :D?

  8. Darkovika Gaming

    I don’t suppose you’d be willing to help figure out how out how to make a
    female version of the Flash cosplay? Straight-to-buy costumes are SO.

  9. Morgan Sterup

    These videos were recorded a while back weren’t they? Because you wore the
    beanie at a signing with ken or something? On twitter. And of corse your
    hair is a different color.?


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