Homemade Wig/Quick Weave w/Outre Premium Duby hair {Protective Style}

Homemade Wig/Quick Weave w/Outre Premium Duby hair {Protective Style}

How did I forget I recored this video. Anywho, Love the style and everything. If you decide to make one, please put ur wig on a mannequin head or the stocking cap will lose its shape. Sometimes the stocking cap will shrink and it will be hard to get on ur head therefore your wig is ruined. Well this is my experience with stocking cap wigs. Oh and might I add, My lil Boo luvs it! I used 2 packs. Holla at me on twitter. www.twitter.com/triceyg
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 thoughts on “Homemade Wig/Quick Weave w/Outre Premium Duby hair {Protective Style}

  1. Dorjac46

    Loved your video! Thank you for posting it, I needed a way to get a nice weave/wig and? not ruin my hair. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. BBlkB2

    I’m so glad I found? this video. I can do this!!! I’m on a journey too and this will be perfect. If I read it right you used 2 packages. Going to get me some of this hair and watch this again. Thanks!!!

  3. sdufrenne1

    omg…thx 4 this tut, i jus got done with doing mine n im really feelin myself right now…lol. im startn my hair journey now n i havent had a perm since sept. so this style will b? perfect 4 me.

  4. Colincia Liburd

    This is a great for a protective hair style and you can take it off/on when ever you want? this awesome thanks for sharing


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