How I Make My Wigs

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15 thoughts on “How I Make My Wigs

  1. Lolblueisme

    LOL to the people that think he doesn’t look like a girl. He was born a
    flower-boy. So even if he was straight, he would still be girly looking.
    -.- Go look up Ren from Nu’est and you’ll see a straight guy who gets
    mistaken for a female. PRETTY BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE PRETTY. Anyways, I
    re-subbed to this channel. Now that I see there are some new vids.?

  2. Luz Figueroa

    So talented u r u do make a pretty girl be yourself always i am still
    trying to feel comfortable in my own skin.?

  3. ElIZABEtH?W.G

    Eithr way u look like a faget with a wiggg . Lol its coo to b gay but ur
    not a girl so dont.act like it ?


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