How I Style & Curl My Synthetic Wigs/ Make them look natural

How I Style & Curl My Synthetic Wigs/ Make them look natural

Angel Wig: Olivia Wig: http://elev…
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23 thoughts on “How I Style & Curl My Synthetic Wigs/ Make them look natural

  1. ThePecanTannedBeauty

    All the wigs looked beautiful on you but girlfriend… That black straight
    one set it off. Sooo beautiful on your skin tone. I’m a little biased
    because I’m a jet black hair wearer. It brightens up the skin tone so nice.

    Loved it!!!?????????

  2. Pure Estrogen

    I love what you did with the first one. I wish more people wpuld be less
    timid when styling synthetic hair. Synthetic hair has come a long way. ?

  3. La Shonda Brown

    Yes I loved that black short one. Read one of your comments. Girl I Been
    all colors But I just dyed my Brazilian hair jet black and loving it. I’m
    such a jet black fan now. You usually do something different so I can’t
    wait to see how you Rock it. ?

  4. GorgeouslyfluffyJonez26

    I love this video cuz iove me a synthetic wig i can style also i cant wait
    for the video on how to wash them?

  5. Shelby

    Instead of using the black liner to cover the lace, you could always just
    cut off the excess lace. Very pretty styles though.?

  6. HelloKttyDiva

    Would definitely love to see how you also wash and care for your synthetic
    units. You motivated me to purchase my first synthetic unit… EVER! Please
    keep the vids coming!?

  7. Lydia Bocage

    I no longer purchase real hair wigs because there are so many amazing
    synthetic wigs around, they look amazing and are so much cheaper than real
    hair. I buy a lot from Japan.
    You’re my inspiration on my natural hair journey girly xxx?

  8. smc112

    What were you putting around the hairline to blend it in? Was that mascara
    you used to match your hair color up with the wigs around the hair line?
    Also, how does corn starch work to get rid of the shininess? Will it leave
    white powder in the hair? Thanks for video! ?

  9. Selfie Capz

    Try using Selfie Capz as a tutorial for doing a sew-in, quick weave, or
    making a wig.
    Search Selfie Capz on


  10. Angela Skelley

    You look beautiful in all three of them. The first Olivia wig,you looked
    so gorgeous and the color and the way that you styled this wig compliments
    you. The second Olivia wig gave you such a sexy and sophisticated look and
    number three you looked absolutely stunning. Nice review and tutorial. :)?

  11. shawnnie87

    I swear I needed this video!! I JUST did exactly what you did & it came out
    perfect! Best tutorial on how to curl synthetic hair! ?????????????

  12. Yasmine TVXQ

    I want to have long hair so bad! I am crying right now lol you are
    beautiful *__*
    god bless this channel!!?

  13. bertha bbdiva

    i love this video i wear full wigs don’t like the lace frontals but you do
    them wonderful i like what you did to make yours look real i would like
    you to show how you wash your synthetic wigs great sharing ?


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