How to CURL your NON HEAT RESISTANT synthetic wig or extensions with a CURLING IRON!

This is a quick tut on how to curl your NON HEAT RESISTANT synthetic wig or extesions! So grab a wig or your tired synthetic extensions a spray bottle with water in it and your curling iron & join me in turning that hot mess into a hot new do! Thanks for tuning in & as always much love,Dani Facebook Fan Page: Come read my Blog:
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20 thoughts on “How to CURL your NON HEAT RESISTANT synthetic wig or extensions with a CURLING IRON!

  1. shorty4u262002

    I have never tried a crimping iron on synthetic hair….I’m sure you could if it has a very low heat & you follow the instructions in the video. If I were you I would try a small piece at the nape of the wig to make sure your crimping irons heat is low enough then that way if it is not and it melts the hair it will be in a place where no one will notice. Hope this helps. Let? me know how it goes! Thanks for watching…Much Love,Dani

  2. TheSpectrumTM

    Do you think i could Crimp my synthetic pink wig… ?

    I really want to have the crimped look on? the wig but i cant find any already with the style
    Any opinions?

  3. shorty4u262002

    Hi there! It should! Make sure you follow the directions carefully…Remember to? use the lowest heat on your curling iron! Thanks for watching! Much Love,Dani

  4. Ericthered311

    Thank You Momma, Great vid, These synthetic girls need? alot of care, but its not so bad once you know what the hell your doing! <3

  5. RIFTAndiari

    I hate how my wigs and hair pieces get frizzy and awful looking after? time. Seems that washing them ruins them. I end up having to throw them out after a few months :( Any ideas on how to fix them up Dani?

  6. anmoroto

    Which style is this from? Friday Night Hair? What color? I don’t see many light shades on their site. ps I’ll give the technique a try thx!

  7. TheRealDiehl1981

    Thank you for making this I was ready to throw my synthetic? extensions out the window lol. 5 stars!!!

  8. michiganstar45

    Dude u got ripped of on the curling iron ha I have the same one and I got it for 1/2? of what u did lol


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