How to: Katy Perry Hair

Love the new Teenage Dreams video by Katy Perry? Watch this hair tutorial on how to re-create the sexy Katy Perry waves. Here’s the inspiration photo of Katy Perry:

19 thoughts on “How to: Katy Perry Hair

  1. anniyah10101

    i’m obsessed with ur nail colour what is it? plllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mskarzmahal

    intro is very cute, with all the singing idea!!!…but i have to say, in every tutorials? you do could have been a little better is you flash back photos after each tutorials, just so to refreshen up the look after all those steps. I think that is the only thing thats lacking and aiming to have whenever i watch all your videos…Good job! Big help for us sassy ladies!

  3. newyorkergirl4ev

    i love ur videos but katy perry has natrully curly dark hair not straight and its naturally thick and u dont look like her at all. she isnt that? tan and she has a chubbier face.

  4. doctordoctordocism

    your bangs don’t look anything like katy perry’s… this is “normal girl” hair oh and your voice? sucks dude!


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