How to make a Doll Wig Tutorial

How to make cool doll wigs tutorial. i made the wigs from faux fur, you can get 5 free at and the rest thereafter for only per each….
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16 thoughts on “How to make a Doll Wig Tutorial

  1. Rosalyn Dennis

    You do realize myfroggystuff wasn’t the first person to make fur wigs for
    dolls? Give the girl a break, she came up with a good idea to a problem she
    was having and wanted to shared it on youtube.

  2. lilfif07

    I love this way. I can think of at least 5 reasons why this works better
    than cutting circles and sewing them back together. this is simple and
    effective, just what I like 😉 oh and your voice is so cute! you sound like
    a cute little doll, lol ?

  3. Jubidada Crafts ?

    you can get 5 free on distinctivefabric (dot com). every other fur piece is
    only 1dollar with free shipping even!

  4. Jubidada Crafts ?

    no i didn’t. If you would watch my tutorial you can see that i DO use the
    same material as she does but in my OWN, far better way. My wig can be used
    for dolls with very long hair, puffy hair, fancy hairstyles that you don’t
    want to ruin by rolling up in a bun into a round wig that myfroggystuff
    made. When i first got my materials i tried it her way, cutting wig into
    two circles but ruined so many materials and ended up with a desk full of
    fluffy furr that I stopped and found another way.


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