How to Make Doll Wigs

How to Make Doll Wigs

by request: this is how we make wigs, we can even use them on dolls with hair. please make request at : shop
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14 thoughts on “How to Make Doll Wigs

  1. stxbarb2

    This looks perfect for some old dolls I have. I want to eventually try to reroot them but? love this idea for now. Thank you.

  2. TheEpicMinecraftPro

    Will this work on? larger dolls? Like BFC Ink, Pullip and Ag? I think it would but I’m just asking to make sure. :o)

  3. PrettyBellaMae

    Why didn’t you make a wig for the Create a Monster dolls? that didn’t have a wig that fit?

  4. fashionqueen106

    ur so creative,lik things u woud buy in shops which woud cost alot u mak dem out of recyled stuff which is way cooler cause u make a difference (srry about my spelling)?


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