How to Put on a Wig

How to on How I put on my lace front synthetic wigs without glue or tape. Also check out my video on how take off a wig

19 thoughts on “How to Put on a Wig

  1. garycalgary

    I’ve never worn one but I wonder if it would feel like it’s going to fall off.

    I’ve seen people put wigs over their real hair and that? one i don’t understand.

  2. marysahar

    hi…I love u because u r so cool…my hair is like u? & I want to know where can I buy this wigs? thanks for your answer

  3. twinstar9

    How can you use a lace wig with glue when you have some hair? Won’t it pull your real hair when you remove the glue? How do you make the wig stay on when you don’t have enough hair for the wig comb to grasp??

  4. my0little0secret

    @claudiareislawl this one has combs on the sides and when i had hair i would lock the combs in on my head. now i? use full lace wigs and glue them down for extra security

  5. Coffeeisnecessary

    @kskk021 It’s true that she is beautiful, but today’s society calls for their image of beauty! :( I wear a wig as well, but? people think I should stop (because I’m a guy!)


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