How to Remove Your Full Lace Wig –

An illustration of how to remove your full lace wig using tape adhesive. The “SNRSNS Full Lace Wig Collection” includes an inventory of in stock Units as well as place an order for a Custom unit. All our units are made with Indian Remy Hair. The textures available are as follows: Virgin Natural Straight, Virgin Nature Curly, Jackson Wave, Deep Wave, Body Wave and Super Wavy. Instructional Videos are available in it’s entirety. Come visit with us. We have everything you need to attach and remove your full lace wig unit. Such Supertape, AirFlex tape, Citrus Adhesive Remover, etc. Our products, our prices, our customer service are simply amazing. We may be reached at (856-365-1267) or
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15 thoughts on “How to Remove Your Full Lace Wig –

  1. tatee32

    It will if you leave wig on too long. Because as the tape begins to break down from? sweat, the wig will slowly move backwards and begin to pull on your natural hair. I would recommend using a wig cap and removing your wig every two weeks or every week depending on your activity level.

  2. tatee32

    Currently I do not use wig clips to clamp down the back hairline. However, I have done it in the past. I also have video on how to attach with tape adhesive.?

  3. tatee32

    Leaving the wig on too long, example longer than 1 to 2 weeks. Also, I would recommend using a wig cap to help protect your edges.?

  4. aluah8

    thankyou so much for doing this video. i have recently bought a front lace wig and intend taping it down but was rather worrying about taking it off. but now that i have watched you i am now more relaxed and will go ahead with applying my wig. you are a very beautiful lady and just want to say what everybody else is saying and that is you look so nice without a wig. you have a lovely small head.! meaning? in a nice way! but i can understand sometimes hair is wanted. l love your vids so do more. x


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