WANNA CATCH ME ANYTIME??? Follow me Here ::? T witter ?:: ———————————————————— HEY LADIES!!! THIS WAS A REQUESTED VIDEO TO SEE II TIGHTEN MY U-PART WIGS TO MAKE THEM FIT EXTREMELY TIGHT! I USE THIS METHOD IN ORDER TO TIGHTEN MY U-PART WIGS WHEN THEY EITHER START GETTING LOOSE OR IT JUST DOESN’T FIT FROM THE BEGINNING. I HOPE I WAS ABLE TO HELP SOMEONE.. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANYMORE QUESTIONS. LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH! Mwahhh…. ———————————————————— MORE ABOUT MY HAIR | DHairBoutique This hair was provided by DHairBoutique. I have installed 3 bundles of Virgin Indian Natural Wave in 1×14-16″; 1×16-18″ and 1×18-20. For purchasing info, you can go to D’s website directly at: :::FOR MORE INFO ON THE HAIR, CHECK OUT THE LINKS BELOW!!::: ———————————————————— —My “Initial Preview and Preparation for Install” video! — DHairBoutique | 1 Week Update and Initial Review — DHairBoutique | 3 Week UPDATE.. I LOVE THIS HAIR!!! — Flawless *HEATLESS* Curls w/ my DHairBoutique!!! ———————————————————— ************** Business Inquiries ONLY ************** Please feel free to contact me at regarding any product reviews, sponsorships or business inquiries related


  1. brwntreatz2001

    Thank you!? I made a wig for the first time and I was disappointed the cap was super loose after I cut it

  2. EbonyEyes00

    Teased blackpearlz has a awesome no sew upart method check it out…love the? elastic idea too gilt

  3. Taylor Grear

    i have a question . with the u part wig , i made one last night on my mannequin only problem is it sort of seemed like it was too small because it wasnt made on my head is there a biggr thing to use or a different way to make it to make sure it perfectly fits my? head ? i have it on now i sewed it to my braids but it almost did not fit

  4. coconutsruleall

    so glad i came across this! I’m making a closure u part with combs with combining closure? methods from fabulasityisme, jazzyjujubee and prettygyrl83 and I’m gonna also use your method too for extra tightness. Thanks for sharing dear!

  5. UniQueLeeMade

    Hey there lady.. I meant to add in the video, if the cap is too loose also apply a stich in the middle of the cap to bring it in more. If it, then, is still too loose you may want? to consider installing on a smaller dome cap like the one from Blue Magic at Family Dollar.

  6. juneplum456

    Have a question…I tried this method because my u-part wasn’t feeling tight on my head in? the back…so I applied elastic to the back but it’s still loose…I don’t sew mines down I use wig clips I’m not sure if that is the reason why, I hope not I have a short cut so of course I can’t sew it down…but neither less good video I just have to trail and error I guess…

  7. Joseph

    I just received one of Vivica Fox’s wigs and I must say I am exemtrely satisfied! I was so worried that it would just be bulky, heavy, and the color would be all wrong, but I was just so surprised, happy and satisfied! It was a bit scary ordering online, being that I’ve planned a cruise around the end of this month, and was so afraid I wouldn’t get it back in time and I did!Love it, love it!!


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