How to Untangle a Wig

Just to clarify–this isn’t a Miku wig. This is an Eruka Frog wig, and this may or may not help you. I will not be held responsible if your wig is still tangled after this. :/ A 9 step tutorial on how to detangle a wig! Hope you like. :) Sorry about the little bit at the end. I forgot to cut it out… DO NOT WORRY, the wig may shed a little, depending on the quality. If you have Main ‘n Tail, Silicone spray, or any fancy untangler for wigs, use those instead! This tutorial is for people who DON’T Have Main ‘n Tail, or Silicone spray, ect. EDIT: This has 100 veiws and FOUR likes?!! I’m so proud! EDIT: Ashasha… 256 views and 8 likes? I love you guys. :’D EDIT: 513 views and 13 thumbs up? ;’D I’m so proud… EDIT: HOLY MOLEY! 2148?!! You guys are amazing. :3 I DO NOT OWN THE SONG. 😛 It’s Eat You Up by BoA. Go buy it and support her–this song is great. Catchy!
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21 thoughts on “How to Untangle a Wig

  1. tara3242

    Will this straighten a? wig too? My miku wig is really curly and needs to be straight. Also, can you use condotioner snd wash it out then and there?

  2. NeajAihposCosplayer

    So sorry about not getting back to you–yes, it would. You just need to find? somewhere for your wig to sit. :)

  3. NeajAihposCosplayer

    Did I? Well, oops. 😛 Can’t say I’m perfect. But this was made? two years ago, when I was still pretty young.

  4. NeajAihposCosplayer

    I think it would take out the curls. :( But if you have some kind of hair styling product (hair gel or spray), you? may be able to style those curls back in. As for the A/G Fast Food, you can find it online. I can’t remember where my mom got ours, but if ordering online is out of the question and WalMart/KMart doesn’t have it, try some beauty supply stores. Hope I helped. <3

  5. hypergirl1812

    I have a SeeU Wig.. And Its LONG.. And It Has Curls in it.. would That Affect That?… And Where Can? You Get that Fastfood Product


    Thanks a bunch!! This really helped me alot!! I just have 1 question for? you….. Can I do this like whenever the wig gets all tangled up again? Will it get destroyed if I do so?


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