How to Wear Wigs : Putting on a Wig

How to Wear Wigs : Putting on a Wig

How to properly put a wig on your head; get professional tips and advice on methods, techniques, and products for buying and wearing wigs in this free beauty video. Expert: Verdiana Medina Bio: Verdiana Medina works at a wig store, and she has been wearing wigs for many years. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

16 thoughts on “How to Wear Wigs : Putting on a Wig

  1. Kitasokaru

    If your going to do tutorials could you actually put them on? I’m trying to figure out how to get a medium to long length wig to stay? on my head by myself. Not trying to get it to stick to a dummies head… -_- (This video was not helpful)

  2. PiCOandJ3ANNi3

    Coolio! I’m getting a Miku Hatsune? wig too :]
    Whenputting on the ponytails, make sure it goes deep into the wig, but don’t rip the wig ^_^
    Hope I helped ^-^

  3. bluebluebluemango

    What about if it is a Miku Hatsune wig? I got clips on my ponytails and it is hard cause it falls out and it bugs me >.< I agree with Hiraichu get a volunteer?

  4. toomarin

    i dunno if? you have a vid on how ppl measure their head for wig? if u don’t, could u like make one?

  5. Myrkur333

    not helpful. my wig has no fringe and its blonde while my hair is dark.? how can i make my hair not show??

  6. 13yearsoldwigexpert

    hello im michael yes you could make? a wig cap by cutting the foot of a nylon or you could just buy them at sallys for 2 dollors..


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