How to Wear Wigs : Securing a Wig to Your Head

How to use pins to secure a wig; get professional tips and advice on methods, techniques, and products for buying and wearing wigs in this free beauty video….

10 thoughts on “How to Wear Wigs : Securing a Wig to Your Head

  1. esthela quezada

    how should i put they bobby pin if i also wear a net under my wig(i have 2
    wear the net cuz the wig itches a little)

  2. Jason Fabian

    being a bald is not realy that bad im a male and wears wigs i can even wear
    any hairstyle i want that others cant do. thats our advantage! m/

  3. mybigredlip

    Yes! I now know how to secure my blonde wig. I just went out on day and
    bought this gorgeous dark blonde wig and slide on a cap and went out. one
    of my girlfriends were saying how muchs he loves my new hair and she was
    stroking it when it just came right off.

  4. joichi

    Hey how do you secure a lightcoloured wig to your hair, my wig cap might be
    alittle small because it would keep slipping off my head.

  5. Sam Crawford

    How about if you’re dancing in a show (like Cabaret or like in Burlesque)
    where they do a lot of head flips and sexy hair flips? I would hesitate to
    use spirit gum, as it’s a devil to remove, but would you recommend bobby
    pins for that?

  6. LittleRubberSquare

    You obviously cannot toss your hair back and forth with just bobby pins if
    that’s what you mean? O.o


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