How to Work with CHEAP wigs.

So this is my FIRST tips video, and I had a really good time making it, I got the idea when a friend on DA asked me for help with cheap wigs he got. Some peo…
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19 thoughts on “How to Work with CHEAP wigs.

  1. jill berry

    This was really good… Only thing I would want to say is, Don’t brush your
    wigs so vigorously ,and you should always start at the bottom, of the wig
    and gently work your way up ,whenever you brush, or comb it.. Otherwise ,
    what happened to you will happen….losing all that hair! And ,you
    shouldn’t wring out the wig, at all! Just pat with a towel, and let it air
    dry.. Sorry… You did a great job.. otherwise! :) Thanks!!?

  2. NinjaDownYourStreet

    I just discovered this channel and this is great :3 I was just wondering if
    you could help me out? I did a Roxas cosplay last year as my first ever
    cosplay, and I didn’t use a sewing machine or anything so it wasn’t that
    great. This year I’m bringing him back and fixing everything, and the
    spikes in the wig my friend made for me are falling down and look more like
    Goku than roxas xD I just ordered the got2b freeze spray, but I don’t know
    how to fix it well since it already has glued spikes. Any tips??

  3. A Goth Named Wednessday

    5:30 just wanted to say, even if it is a cheap wig (ESPECIALLY if it is
    expensive high quality wig) make sure to brush from the bottom up in short
    strokes. This will take longer, but you will pull out less hair and it’s
    better for the hair.?

  4. cutie patootie

    all of my wigs come from the internet and they’re like $20 when they’re
    cheap :( the only wigs i can find in dollar stores are the or purple bobs
    ah australia?


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