How Wigs were Invented – Storytime with HartBeat

Story time with HartBeat returns to tell you all about wigs. You think you know where wigs came from but you have no idea! Ok, so maybe you know a little abo…

14 thoughts on “How Wigs were Invented – Storytime with HartBeat

  1. RestlessChildFlower

    The British had wigs first I think. They were disgusting. It had lice and
    it was very dirty but back then the British thought that taking a shower
    once the whole year or at least twice a year was good enough. I think that
    in British when people died they would cut the hair off of the dead people
    and turn them into wigs for the winter in British. I’m pretty sure I’m
    correct. If you want to know how I know this is because of school.?

  2. CodenameHexx

    Wigs were used in ancient Egypt because apparently they shaved their heads
    to cool down. Unfortunately this meant that their heads burned so wigs
    became fashionable among the rich (they could afford them). At least,
    that’s what I’ve read.?


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