I damaged my hair with wigs

This shows how you can never be too careful with your hair even while trying to protect it. In this video I show how a small bald spot was created from the p…

17 thoughts on “I damaged my hair with wigs

  1. 123leahm

    I have this situation ALL over my head because I had locs for 14 years with
    the same parts. And here I thought I was protecting my hair from chemicals.
    Now I rarely do any parts and just wear the afro.?

  2. Vanity Jackson

    Hi! Great video! I just wanted to know if your wigs have a comb piece or
    anything in the spot that you were balding? Because I just started wearing
    wigs from time to time and I feel like the comb piece may be tugging at my
    hair a bit and thought it could be a contribution to balding but idk?

  3. redvelvet237

    Thx so much for sharing. I have that same problem in a few areas too….due
    to to wearing tight braids for a long period of time. I have an apptmt with
    the dermitologist in 2 wks, b/c those thinned ares also hurt. Was
    wondering, has your hair grown back in that area?

  4. steinwaygirl2010

    1 crushed peach kernel boiled with nettle leaf to use as a final rinse
    should bring that back and strengthen your hair in about 2 – 3months or so.
    I don’t remember the exact science of the measurements, but I know it works.

  5. NaturalNoni

    Thank you for this video bc I was doing a wig and now i’m doin a ponytail
    and I hate it! I noticed aLOT of hair came out and I don’t have a bald spot
    but I think the pressure of me having my hair braid down like yours and
    sticking the comb of the ponytail in is taking out my hair. The part wear
    it is stuck is not braided but it still hurts, so I’m going to just try to
    wear my natural hair mostly braided and twisted but without the pressure.

  6. CandidAnn

    @mmone1178 I stopped wearing half wigs & treated the area with a little
    castor oil. Now the hair has completely grown back although its shorter
    that the rest of my hair, lol.

  7. CandidAnn

    @sdestiny12 Thanks for commenting. I’m glad to hear that your hair grew
    back, this give me hope, LOL.


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