“I Like Your Wig”

FaceBook Me: www.facebook.com I am in NO way trying to boast in this video. Just speaking on my experiences with my natural hair. Let’s get it together!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 thoughts on ““I Like Your Wig”

  1. BlackAngelPlayah

    We all get checked at some point. When I first took my locs down, a girl was playing in my hair. (Yes, a GIRL was playing in my hair. smh.) And when she got to the bottom.. She was like “This yo’ HAIR! I thought this was a weave!” I’m like.. OK.. My hair was short- It’s still pretty short. Why the hell would I need a weave this damn short? LoL!


  2. Fourdabett

    I just want you to know I just fell out on the floor laughing…It’s not funny but I hate when people do the same thing to me. Esp. when they put their dirty hands in my head ( After it took hours to wash and dry). I even stopped wearing my natural hair becuase I was tired of the comments ” Black power, Maci Grey, ShockaCon” But Thank you, you’ve inspired me to let me hair down again lol

  3. texantweet

    I love your hair… If I saw you in public I would ask you what you use on your hair, run out and try to get mine as healthy as yours…

  4. innerbeauty24

    when i was natural know one ever asked if I was wearing a wig they was like yur hair is beautiful, pretty. even at the beauty supply the chinese lady told me I don’t need a wig my hair is beautiful

  5. Vivalacious

    LOL. It’s funny seeing all the comments, Where You guys can relate to this situation. I KNEW I wasn’t the only one. LOL

  6. LadyNy217

    I get the same ish girl that aint her hair I saw that at the beauty supply its the way they say it ppl always want 2 touch ur hair I dont ike that u need 2 ask me believe it or not if I say its real then its real I give them the ugly face like if u touch me its gonna be a problem I use to wear weave and when I did I would tell u so why now that I dont rock a weave its a problem u can rock ur hair any way u want its ur dang choice FYI I think ur hair is real fly haters are motivators

  7. Sharipoo

    @Vivalacious Seriously I love your hair lol. Thanks to you and a few others I have started my own hair journey. Keep doing what you do! Much love :)

  8. Vivalacious

    @Sharipoo Thanks, Fam. Ironically enough, I didn’t see that comment. For a good reason, too. Lord KNOWS it’s hard for me to hold my tongue. LOL. Competing for attention? LOL. That has to be THE worse excuse, ever. I’ll leave the comment alone, and let it sit: Unnoticed. Thanks for looking out for me. You’re BOMB! <3


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