I’m ONE FLY HONEY! | Fly Honey Wigs |

Wig was constructed, styled and colored by Renee of Fly Honey Wigs Check out Renee Website and YouTube Channel WEBSITE http://flyhoneywigs.com YOUTUBE CHANNE…
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16 thoughts on “I’m ONE FLY HONEY! | Fly Honey Wigs |

  1. Jaine's Obsession

    I love Fly Honey Wigs but on the real Jaz, I suggest that you order some
    hair from Hair Karma under someone else’s name so you can see what kind of
    hair this company sends. I say that because I ordered hair from them and it
    came to me smelling like Fritos. When I emailed them, all I got back was
    ,”Go get some Dr. Miracles super strength deep conditioning packets and
    leave it on for at least 2-4 hours or overnight.” Yup. That was the extent
    of the email. No apologies, no acknowledgement….nothing. Meanwhile my
    friend gets hers and she soaked it overnight in Dr. Miracles and what was
    the result? Her’s smelled like Dr. Miracles AND FEET! The scent in my hair
    left but then came back when it rained so it’s sitting in my closet
    somewhere because I don’t trust it. I’m just done with them. The hair
    shouldn’t have smelled like that in the first place.?


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