Its A Wig! Simply Lace Patricia from

LIKE me on facebook for pictures and updates: Sorry I did not do it in HD. Im trying to fix the problem =( This is just a show and tell Here is the link to the wig: Again this lace wig is made by It’s a Wig Corp. The product is It’s a Wig Simply Lace Wig Patricia This wig is heat safe.

16 thoughts on “Its A Wig! Simply Lace Patricia from

  1. TheBelladeesse

    I have a question about that wig. You said the color was 1b, but the website has 1b/30 and 1b/33 only. Did you choose from those two or do you think they are out of? the 1b only options. Thanx

  2. makeuphairgoddess

    Hi i was trying to message you but i didn’t know how, but DO YOU OR? ANYONE else know viva glam hair email address bcuz they took my 500+ dollars but i didn’t get a confirmation or anything and the email i do know doesn’t work. PLEASE HELP!

  3. makeuphairgoddess

    Hi i was trying to message you but do you or anyone know the email to? viva glam hair bcuz i ordered hair and they took my 500+ dollars and i didn’t receive confirmation and email i do have is not working. PLEASE HELP

  4. TrinitySquared

    Fitness channel?! Please point me in? that direction… I missed that memo! =)
    Love your videos! Keep up the great work! =)

  5. fabulasityisme

    OMGGG LMAOOOOOOO noooo you would? not look like a lion LOL! I bet it would look cute on you! thank you hun! hahahaaaa

  6. Kntaylor1982

    Man your so pretty you could ware a mop and it would look great. I got a wig like that and I looked like a? lion. On lie!


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