Jan | Ep. 12 of 15 | Feat. Caitlin Gerard, Stephen Moyer & Virginia Madsen | WIGS

Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! wigs.ly “Jan”: Episode 12 of 15 — “Fight???”: Robbie and Gery reach an accord as Jan is given an opportunity by Mel. Can she take it? Like us on Facebook: wigs.ly Follow us on Twitter: bit.ly Explore the world behind WIGS on Pinterest: bit.ly About…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 thoughts on “Jan | Ep. 12 of 15 | Feat. Caitlin Gerard, Stephen Moyer & Virginia Madsen | WIGS

  1. Noble Honore

    i liked this character when it was vanessa and jan speed dating. she is a poor excuse of a lead character. whomever wrote the last episode (#11) should be ashamed of themselves for the portrayal of drug addict and this clowny portrayal of the pain and? loss they they inflict on others. now all of a sudden robbie is the one they’re sacrificing the days work for? wtf?! epic fail.

  2. wigs

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  3. KhaelaCH

    I’m confused by this episode… Where’s the camera? Where? did that “emotional roller coaster” rant even come from? Why is a freakin movie star slumming with 2 wannabes and a junkie?

  4. Jill Starklin

    She disgust me about how weak she is she is so passive with no opinion and she just lets people use her. I definitely like Blue and Christine better 15 episodes of her letting people take advantage of her?


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