Jew in the City: Freeda Wigs Makeover Edition gets ambushed by http ! It’s the world’s first sheitel makeover! Shot and edited by Elliot Gabor Stylist Sharon Langert Makeup by Dani Scarcella
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17 thoughts on “Jew in the City: Freeda Wigs Makeover Edition

  1. jewinthecity

    No!! For the majority of women who cover their hair, we still have our hair! It’s? a small percentage of Hasidic women who shave for mystical reasons, but it’s not part of Jewish law.

  2. BornInTzyon

    WOW…That looks amazing!!!! All of them were so cute? on you too. Loved your final pick!

  3. VictorLepanto

    So you were raised secular? It is interesing you have turned religious. To one generation, abandoning religion must have seemed exciting & liberating. It must have made? everything seem possible. It also makes everything seem meaningless as well. A superattending intellect governing the universe is needed to give our world a meaningful moral purpose.

  4. naomz10

    really nice new look but the thinner wig with the bangs looked much more natural and practical for everyday use (I’m talking about? the one you were wearing when you were discussing the point of hair covering)
    love ur videos btw, keep em coming :)

  5. jewinthecity

    glad you’re enjoying them! yup – you can have any hair style and have your hair uncovered in front of your immediate family (or any women), though some women are stricter (i’m not) and cover their hair all? the time.

  6. hoosiermama1009

    Love watching your videos. I learn so much, even for a Christian girl like myself! LOL I have a question about modesty and hair. Are you free to cut your natural hair in any style or length that you want as long as you cover your head when in public? For example, can you sport a cute pixie? style at home with your family as long as you wear a scarf or sheitel when you are in the presence of others?


    WOW ~~ I LUV YOUR NEW SHEITEL ~~ and your new look…

    Thank you so much for? sharing…


    Have a fun winter day…



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