Jigs & Wigs – My Big Fat Irish Dance Dress

First part of Jigs & Wigs – The Extreme World of Irish Dancing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “Jigs & Wigs – My Big Fat Irish Dance Dress

  1. dancedesignag

    I forgot to mention that the girl with the new dress is NOT acting like a
    champion. I’m in Novice, but she could probably learn a few lesson from the
    girls in my class. Even in beginner you learn to NEVER stop in the middle
    of a dance. Sorry if this sounds mean, but it’s really just constuctive
    criticism. ?

  2. dancedesignag

    I have a few problems with this. First of all, how to you get to
    CHAMPIONSHIP when you only practice twice a week? Most dancers practice
    every day, champion or not. They’re just as bad as the girls who skipped
    their Advanced Beginner competions since they couldn’t win and movred to
    novice. Second, why does last place get a medal? Don’t they only do that
    for First Feis competitions?

  3. Maygun Greer

    if i had anythin to tell young jim is to never give up hope . i am deaf in
    my left ear compleatly and parshaly in my right and i understand how hard
    it is to keep time ?

  4. TheElephants2000

    I personally don’t do Irish dancing… But I love it… My friend Sophie
    does it and she’s in the worlds this year ?

  5. Julia Breslow

    It seems far fetched that this girl wants to do well at majors yet, all she
    can seem to think about is her dress. Chances are, she’s growing out of it,
    and the commentator seems to have blown her capability our of proportion.
    At least she looked good though!

    As for the 10 year old (almost 11) wearing that much make up to the mall –
    what the hell? Maybe its a cultural difference, since I’m American, but
    that’s just crazy. I would NEVER let my daughter wear that much make up
    except for a feis. Is this the norm? Or is she an anomaly.

    And finally, I hope the young boy does well in the future! He seems so
    dedicated and so hard working, I hope it pays off even further for him!?

  6. Rita Neville

    I usually don’t leave comments but I loved these kids dancing. Hats off to
    Jim and Bridget. You care a credit to Irish dancing. I hope you keep

  7. Michelle Lauve

    Aw, Happy for Jim, but I feel the little traveler girl only wants to
    participate in the dancing because she can dress up in bling. Her heart
    clearly isn’t in it. ?

  8. Sheila Lizzy

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  9. amzairly

    If she had focused less on the dress and more on the dancing, she could
    have at least placed. and the wee boy is at least a pretty decent dancer,
    shame that his hearing was off so that he couldn’t get the timing right.?


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