Judie & Yolanda: A Documentary (Intro by Jennifer Garner) | WIGS Unscripted

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25 thoughts on “Judie & Yolanda: A Documentary (Intro by Jennifer Garner) | WIGS Unscripted

  1. FindInstrumentals

    To those of you complaining about the ads, just replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL to skip the? ads.? Not too many people know about this yet.

  2. Marny Rose

    My school raises money for this program, and I decided to sign up directly after watching? this. Thank you for inspiring me, this was a beautiful documentary, filled with very selfless and strong women.

  3. Suzanne Olivar

    In my family it? was our older relatives Mothers, Grandmothers,and Aunts that told us how to care for our babies and how to teach them. What happened to these families?

  4. 08lilyloveable

    I am an early? year’s educator & each term when there are new children joining us you can tell which children have had their parent’s engaging with them. They are so right start early educate yourself as well as your child. It will help with their devlopment.

  5. Asiahudn

    This is something all new moms should see, I? don’t have children yet but when I do they will be ahead of the curve because of this info, thanks wigs, keep it up.

  6. amandajoyg

    “And then up pops Elijah, I thought I was just sick off Chinese food.”? Best line of the documentary! I liked the idea of home visits since it is important for Parents to work w/ their children before they’re school-aged. When they showed Yolanda working w/ the first Mother, it seems like she was full of excuses as to why she wasn’t using the free (I’m assuming) materials supplied to her, “Well, it’d be a lot better if her Dad was around!”, she can’t admit she didn’t MAKE the time to do this.Sad.

  7. bibliophile4242

    Thank you so much for making this documentary? and sharing the story of these women. Their story is so beautiful and inspiring; thank you for celebrating the great work that they do.

  8. BeeSam21

    This is a gr8? program and I think all new parents should watch this and realize how early learning is so crucial… Good job!!


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