Kendra | Ep. 5 of 8 | Feat. Sarah Jones | WIGS

“Kendra”: Episode 5 of 8 — “Diceman Cometh” Dr. Rokah speaks his mind in the recovery room. Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Explore the world behind WIGS on Pinterest: About “Kendra”: A post-op nurse experiences…

22 thoughts on “Kendra | Ep. 5 of 8 | Feat. Sarah Jones | WIGS

  1. Nathan Gardley

    I’ll be 21 in 11 days and I cant understand half of the shit on these series. Its so? damn deep! Complete opposite of mindless garbage

  2. puddlethecat

    Ya I mean? I’m 13-15 (not telling you what age) and I understand it. It might be aimed for people older then me, but I still watch it.

  3. xFezIsAFreakx

    I’d say? 16 is pretty young, most people consider even 20 to be young so you could have been aiming that comment at teenagers for all I knew. I highly doubt that a large fraction of the audience is younger than 13/14-ish since this channel is aimed at an older audience, so I jumped to the conclusion that it was aimed at teens. I simply interpreted your comment as saying teens are too young to understand, which would have been ageist. I see now that it was aimed at younger children, I’m sorry.

  4. MckinneyMini

    First off 16 is not young and second the main demographic is actually quite young on here, its just a fact. At 16 you understand things like this, but there are many 9,10,11, and 12 year olds on YouTube that don’t understand and you can see their ages on their profile. That isn’t being ageist, its a fact so don’t assume? things and put words in my mouth….

  5. xFezIsAFreakx

    I’m 16 and I’m enjoying it and I understand, please stop being ageist. Just because people might not understand doesn’t instantly lead to them being? young, that implies the young are stupid and that’s rather offensive.

  6. darklingProductions

    Heh, I? didn’t realise English wasn’t your first language.. but yes, I thought it was funny because it was capitalised. 😉

  7. TheGabbyHilaz

    you’re right why didn’t? Dr. Rokah report it? Maybe because he would be ashamed to tell the way he found out? he could probably lose his job for even going on a date with this “AD” like they call it… hmm?


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