L-Shaped Wig ? Janet Collection Music Remy {Elevate Styles}

sorry it took me so long to upload this video. I have really been trying to get creative with my editing and I wanted to have the time to invest in editing this video. I think it turned out really well. This is just a video explaining a little more in detail how I make my L-shaped wigs. It’s not 100% because I feel that there is always room for improvement, however, this is one of the best fitting wigs that I’ve made. If you would like to see how I do my outline to create the perfect fit for a homemade wig, click here! www.youtube.com Here is the initial video with me dying the Music Remy hair that I got from over at Elevate Styles! www.youtube.com If you are interested in this hair, visit elevatestyles.com Come check out my blog!!! www.mslabellac.com Come hang with me! instagram @mschanda (update all the time) twitter @mzchanda Thanks for watching and see ya next time! ? Chanda

25 thoughts on “L-Shaped Wig ? Janet Collection Music Remy {Elevate Styles}

  1. tha1nOnlyNatomi

    r those ur chi flat irons?…i wod love to try leave out..but…i have? super thick…super course natural hair…nothing seems to get it smooth enough…ANY SUGGESTIONS???

  2. Bigbeautybb4short

    In this video why that particular cap and when your sewing why do u. Sew so far back? on the cap please respond im such a. Fan

  3. cocoalove18

    you are my hair-Savior!!!! i have never thought about making a partial wig, and simply sewing around my perimeter!!! saves sooooo much time! Thanks so? much MsChanda!
    Love from the Caribbean (^_^)

  4. marky76a

    as a fellow stylist iam always amazed by your work you are a true talent thank you for sharing? xoxo

  5. literary21

    So pretty, love? the l part method, was curiosu how many degrees did u have the flat iron on, iive never gone more than 375 which could help explain why i cant get my hair that bone straight!

  6. SimplyAtia91

    OMG! Ms. Chanda I love this! You’ve? inspired me to make my first wig. I have one question though, can I wash the wig on my head like a sew in?

  7. meldibson

    Hi MS, I think this is one of the best wig/video you ever? made. I was wondering, pls could u answer me; does your natural hair goes bck to its natural kinky state when you are outside? because mine do.

  8. trenesia25

    Hey Chanda…Guurrrllllll you better werk!!! This by far is one of the best wig tutorials and application tutorials I have come across. You gave close ups on everything? that was important Thank you =)


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