Lace Front Wig (its a wig) lace Beauty

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18 thoughts on “Lace Front Wig (its a wig) lace Beauty

  1. PreCi0uSsS

    @babiluv12000 there are a few studies going on where they are trying to link PCOS to the hormones in foods and other un-natural products we intake on the regular.

  2. babiluv12000

    @PreCi0uSsS Awwe your a sweetheart thank you for the offer. I am not brave enough to do color yet searching for a color that will go with my chocolate complexion. On a totally different topic thank you for your honesty about PCOS I have it as well only difference is I’m full figured working on it :-) but it took me forever to get diagnosed grrr. It is sad because during college (graduated in May) I met five ladies who had it as well. It has become more prevalent among young women. Take care

  3. babiluv12000

    @PreCi0uSsS No, it was jet black. I wish I could do color like that not that brave yet :-). I wonder if the color could be the issue. I just ordered another wig from
    ozone this time hopefully it will work out and I ordered my bobos as well. Just a little frustrating because I am not new to wigs and this is the first purchase that I could not wear the wig after a week.

  4. babiluv12000

    @PreCi0uSsS I will order bobos found it on hair wig harlem website. No, I did not sleep in this wig this is such a disappointment, because for it to be a tangled mess after not even a week is not acceptable. I have tried to get it to come back to life via washing with synthetic shampoo etc. but maybe I just had a bad wig. Thank you for your quick response and have a pleasant day. Keep the video posts coming :-)!!!

  5. BlackBlonde7

    4 REAL???? I really like it on you. I know you cant tell in my lil- profile pic but my curly chica is super BLONDE- barbie blonde, and I get mad compliments on it. Be bold, daring & adventureous- Ive watched alot of of your video’s, and the ones I love the most are you in the lighter colors. Now the black spanish wavy one, OMG-too hot for tv-Im getting that in a custom made joint w/ my multi-colors in blonde-I’ll show it to you once I get it. Thank God for your tutorials-

  6. babiluv12000

    This wig is beautiful and I purchased the same wig about a week ago and it tangles like crazy I use wig spray and wig mouse but still it tangles. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for the product review on weave aid straight edge pomade I bought it at my local BSS and love it.


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