Lace front Wigs Causing Fore Head Cancer For Black Women Researchers Say!

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20 thoughts on “Lace front Wigs Causing Fore Head Cancer For Black Women Researchers Say!

  1. leon williams

    every blackwomen that ive had in my life wore weaves and I watched how it
    destroyed there hair. trust me, go natural and take care of your health. It
    was very beautiful at times, but after awhile there real hair started
    getting weak and damaged.?

  2. charity allison

    Why is this guy so mean… Like I didn’t even mean to watch this lol I
    thought it was something else.. Somebody else.. But I mean.. Whatever..
    This guy is so mean…. Wtf.. I’m typing this while he speaks that’s why I
    keep saying he’s so mean lol. I don’t wear weave anymore at all. I like to
    wear my hair straight so does that mean I want to be white? Umm okay….
    What am I supposed to do? Grow a Afro? Wtf. He is so fucking ignorant to
    me. I’m mad as fuck right now. You are a self hater. The natural hair on
    their head doesn’t look they way they want.. Oh my fuck. I hate this guy.
    I’m fuckin mad. I’m sorry you guys that like his videos.. I just do not
    like him. I’m sorry. Just damn.. Somebody get him off YouTube. Why does his
    videos keep showing up on my feed.. Jeeeeeeezz. People are going to hate my
    comment lol ?

  3. Claudia Deleon

    I need clarification. So Sotomayor doesn’t like black women that wear
    weaves. Does he prefer black women with natural hair? Are they less. “Hood
    ” to him? He prefers women with long silky hair, yet when black women
    choose that look, he degrades them.?

  4. ColorMiiGlamor0us

    i love the idea of lace wigs ad lace eyebrows for woman with hair
    diseases…and cancer who no longer have hair.
    anything un-natural made from chemicals that we put in or on our bodies can
    cause cancer. literally…anything. several black woman actually died from
    black hair glue from a quick weaves.
    flouride in our toothpaste causes cancer. so……
    it is rediculous for him to just pin point black women with wigs on when
    this type of topic gets so much deeper. to not just black women wearing
    wigs….but whats in the things so simple that we ALL use everyday.?

  5. peachpetals

    I don’t think I have ever come across such a hate filled, ugly and stupid
    black man in my life. Your making yourself look dumb talking about a fake
    cancer. Do your damn research there is no such thing as forehead cancer.

    I study medicine at Oxford University and I KNOW these allegations are
    false. ?

  6. thoughtwarrior

    Tommy – I couldn’t find any credible or corroborating evidence supporting
    this assertion…Don’t lose your credibility by promoting falsehoods….
    That being said, some women have had medical issues from wearing front lace
    wigs (see former tv actress countess vaughn’s struggles)….?

  7. Dooley Jay

    What about your black mother? I’m pretty sure she used beauty secrets from
    other black women to catch your black father. I bet you where the type that
    did not get to much black p*** y when you where in high school. Some white
    woman must have told you that you look nice, but one thing that you have to
    remember is that they are great at not telling the truth. Man it sic kings
    me that you get your 9 mins of fame from saying things about your race when
    you should take that 9 mins to help your race. It is very easy to sat back
    and comment on problems but why don’t you go to youth groups and community
    centers and lend your help to solve the problems. Just remember you are a
    black man just like me and you are judged every day by other races just
    like me, so jump on our team and not the uncle Rukus team?

  8. zoe Barrett

    I don’t support females wear wigs all the time, but u sound so judgmental.
    How do u expect to change being so negative. Stay positive ?

  9. Gerri Freeman

    I’m not sure about the validity of the information provided, but it’s worth
    researching. However, you have to be a secure person to be able to get past
    some of the phrasing and focus on the true message. I feel sorry for the
    white man who thinks he’s racist. Unless you grow up with us, you just
    wouldn’t understand where he’s coming from and how some of us communicate.
    I think tweaking or minimizing the usage of some phrasing (i.e., placing it
    strategically, no over use, etc.), coupled with consistent focus on the
    topic (1 joke about the haters makes it interesting, 2 or more puts you in
    a defensive place) will allow you to have a more powerful message and reach
    more readers.?

  10. Shea LaRoux

    It isn’t cancer it is fungus. These women have been told that they can
    wear wigs for up to six weeks. You should remove the wig at least every
    three to four days and scrub the scalp. I was once told that black women
    do not wash their wigs. I have seen this but I still think that most women
    know that they must wash their wigs. I once had to take a wig from a
    patient who had just had surgery and blood got on it. It was probably
    never washed and had tons of flakes of skin in it and it smelled so bad.
    This was obviously someone who never washed her wig but I don’t believe
    that the majority of women actually don’t wash them. If you don’t you are
    putting yourself at risk for a fungal infection that will eat away your
    flesh. Not to mention it is just gross and smelly. Use your brains girls.?

  11. paconot

    Your a farce. Why spend your time spewing falsehoods. All anyone needs to
    do is Google the topic in news to see if it is fallacious journalism or
    reliable news. Additionally, where is the link to the so called study? No
    real scientific study is going to develop based on such a short window and
    limited population pool. So, I can only conclude that your an attention
    whore. You will say anything to get viewers. Fortunately, I am on
    educated and well read black female (all natural) who will check your mess
    at the door. If you want to see ugly, look at your heart, For God’s sake,
    get some help. ?

  12. Meulin Leijon

    omg dont you have a daughter?! who is most likely black!? and you think
    THIS about black women!? are you serious if your daughter grew up and
    watched your videos she would be HURT that daddy would say such mean things
    about her looks, and her hair she cant change that nobody can! LET people
    do what they want to feel better about them selves! they are responsible
    enough to care for themselves to prevent harmful things hopefully.?

  13. Ljubica Zebic

    Agree!! But in my case, I have to wear wigs because I suffer from
    trichotillomania disorder. And I cant wait to show the world my healthy
    natural hair…one day. ?


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