Lace Front Wigs VS Full Lace Wigs By

Lace Front Wigs VS Full Lace Wigs. Which is right for you? The lace front that I am wearing in the Gabriela Virgin Brazilian Light Yaki 18″…

13 thoughts on “Lace Front Wigs VS Full Lace Wigs By

  1. Ms. Tonia Morgan

    Wig looks great on you!! Thanks for the tutorial because I was stumped and
    almost bought the wrong wig!!!?

  2. Whitley Parker

    Thank you so much I’ve been wondering what the difference was between both
    and now I know thanks to you.?

  3. Jessica Safoa

    Thank you for this video! You gave me the exact information I needed and
    now I know which kind of wig I am going to purchase.?

  4. Semaj Bailey

    You did such a great job explaining and providing exact details. As you
    mentioned, you gave exact information so that people can know what exactly
    they are getting your hand onto/into. Thank you!!?


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