Lace Wigs USA Chic for Cheap Lace Wigs.

Hair by Lace Wigs 18 inch silky straight color #2 lace front wig. Alright ladies so this was given to me to do a review this is the second reivew i have done for Lace Wigs the very first unit I received was a deep wave full lace which I need to post the updated video to that wig which I have recorded months ago. I will say this is a silky silky straight lace front and I say this cause it is very silky. Some silky straight lace fronts will not keep a good curl without hairspray and I do think that this unit is best worn with just a little bit of curl at the ends because it is so silky striaght. The density at the hairline is very nice and thin, I dont like my hairlines to be so dense so thick at the hairline cause then it just doesnt look realistic. I wore the unit the entire day today and yesterday after my video so I have been wearing it a total of 2 days as of now, there was little shedding, the curls at the bottom where I bumped them stayed, the hair did tangle a little underneath by the nape area but other than that I think it is your average silky straight lace front. I will say it does have a snug fit I wasnt worried about it slipping back the fit was really good and that is what I look for in all my wigs for a good snug fit and a good hair line. MAKE SURE YOU SUB TO MY DAUGHTERS CHANNEL AT: This unit I would only wear straight because like I said I dont think the curl will hold all day so I think this is best worn
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15 thoughts on “Lace Wigs USA Chic for Cheap Lace Wigs.

  1. lilcutenurse

    I need you to put me abox of earrings together, u decide but mostly small one and send me the envoic!!! I just need to show my? love and support!!

  2. naturallynanz

    im just wondering why your knots are not bleached and on the site it says that al their knots? are bleached

  3. divinedelta85

    The web site for this unit says the knots are bleached. Were they bleached? I bought my 1st human hair wig from FNH and the website said? the unit I bought has bleached knots and they were NOT bleached.

  4. micjn0205

    I love that wig, and all your videos! I subscribe to several reviewers that are all great but your my fave:) you keep it real and your advice is? on point. I’ve just started wearing lace wigs to deal with stress induced hairloss and the info you give has been invaluable. I LOVE lace wigs, and I will continue to use them as protective styles even when my hair grows back. Learning about lace wigs and how to make them look even more natural has helped so much in restoring my self esteem. Thanks!!!

  5. TheNayners24

    The prices aren’t bad for human hair wigs. They don’t seem to look? as fake as synthetic wigs.

  6. TheNayners24

    Wigs can definitely cause hair loss around the edges; I know this from experience. I know it seems like a quick fix but there are drawbacks. If you use any sort of bonding,? you will definitely lose hair. Personally, I would limit wearing a wig to a couple of times a month. For me, I learned I was better off just doing/wearing my own hair.

  7. Jordyn956

    Hey DIVA !, I have a question. How should I go? about getting a good wig from the beauty supply store. Im 18 and I just enrolled in Cosmetology School and I really don’t have A LOT of money that I am working w, BUT I want my hair to look LONG & LUCIOUS. (lol) for my first day of school and I also need something that I can maintain because I am going out of town so PLEASE let me know. =)

  8. AlexisTexasKardashan

    you should look at makeupbycamila I think you would like? her make up tutorials oh and gossmakeupartist


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