Lace Wigs USA This Hair Is FIRE!!!!!.

Hair by: Lace Wigs Deep wave full lace wig color #2 18 Inches. Alright ladies this unit is the BOMB for real i am so feeling this one right here! I am so Jazzed about this one right here. This was given to me by Lace Wigs to do a review on and let me tell you this is the business. The hair density is perfect the hairline is off the chain and the wave pattern is right on the money. Now I have never heard of this company until they contacted me but let me tell you I am so happy with this unit. Its not too full not too much hair not too long its just right like the 3 Little Bears Story just right. The packaging may not be all that but who cares cause you are not wearing the packing. They offer FREE Express shipping to the entire world ladies FREE FREE FREE!!!!!! I am about to rock the heck out of this wig. I love curly and wavy but sometimes is so hard to find the right one and this one here is for me. The color is very nice!Make sure you check them out they also have other wigs besides full lace wigs, you can get hair care products as well as beauty supply wigs from lace Wigs http Earrings Worn in this video are Anna Silver from Smooches You Can Catch me at the following Smooches Bold & Sexy Jewelry at an affordable price! Make sure to follow Smooches Accessories on the following Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: For the
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 thoughts on “Lace Wigs USA This Hair Is FIRE!!!!!.

  1. mishaj86

    did you get more tattoos cause i dotn remember you having this many but it has been like 2 years lol?

  2. applebottomdionne

    It is that other site that you are talking about, just? click on the contact us and you will see they both have the same address!!!!!!! wow lolol

  3. shawnnie87

    I would be great if you could do an? update on this particular wig after you washed it. I’m curious to see if it remained curly after a wash not all curly is created equal unfortunately


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