Long Blonde Lace Front Wig Review – Uniwigs.com

G’day Everyone! I love this wig soooo much!! The wig in this video: http://www.uniwigs.com/synthetic-wigs/40922-sweety-futura-synthetic-lace-front-wig.html F…

22 thoughts on “Long Blonde Lace Front Wig Review – Uniwigs.com

  1. Khaleesi

    Also that’s an amazing wig but I like shorter hair on you more personally.
    Brings out your facial features more?

  2. icewind205

    would i be a pervert if i was a guy watching this? :l cause so many people
    are fighting over your body… its stupid :/?

  3. Mimi Markowski

    Mary could you show the top of your head too, just for a moment? I’d like
    to see how the front of some of your wigs blend if possible. Thanks!?

  4. Nyan Craft

    Thank you for making the video!! I’m getting this wig soon and its the
    first wig is really liked, I’ve been saving for it :) thanks mary to
    opening me to the world of wigs!!?

  5. originalnilson

    That looks like a great wig. I would have like to have seen the top of it
    more though so I could examine the lace front. It was unfortunately a bit
    hard to see the quality of the lace front due to the framing of the video.
    But still, great looking wig! :)?

  6. Pucino Pio

    I’m a man and honestly I don’t only come to see boobs, I mean you are just
    so perfect and soooo beautiful but usually these kind of videos get me
    bored but watching Mary’s videos I enjoy watching them *_*?


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