Lopti with Mirror Lenses, and White Wigs

I bought some new lenses from http://www.eyesbright.com and fell in love with them. They are seriously stunning in person, and pretty cool looking on film, t…
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24 thoughts on “Lopti with Mirror Lenses, and White Wigs

  1. Teng Wei Wen

    i love them, i bought those but it? turned out that it looked like white out contacts. and im like some kind of lizard now xD haha

  2. An Introvert, Not a Robot

    I love it! It would work really well of a Daenerys look? (I’m working on a cosplay for PhillyCon) Where did you get the wig?

  3. welovepies

    if you went out like that with just the mirrors and that wig (maybe a shorter? version) you could pull it off as an every day look because you’re so pretty and I bet 100s of people would fall in love as you walked by

  4. LegendofZeldaLover21

    Oh awesome!! ^_^ From which Zelda game? Becaue next month I’m cosplaying to a con called? , Katsucon19 as Zelda from Skyward Sword! :3


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