Maintain Your Edges Wearing Wigs

Design Essentials Edge Control I know many people have experienced breakage while wearing wigs as a p…
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25 thoughts on “Maintain Your Edges Wearing Wigs

  1. sweetfm2008

    Yes, deep conditioning and detangling videos and updates of what products
    do / don’t work in your hair now while transitioning. And a video showing
    your hair at 6 mons post, too. Great tips in the video!!! I dislike and
    avoid the combs, as well cut them out in the wigs.?

  2. sevenaka7

    Thanks for this video. Very helpful. I think you should try crochet
    braids- of course done by a professional. I just discovered them although
    I’m totally natural BUT wish I’d known about them when I was transitioning-
    it would have been a lot easier and I could have jumped back and forth from
    wigs to crochets. I love them and I think you will too.?

  3. Paulena White

    Def would love to see transitioning videos im 6 months post myself bout to
    bite the bullet n get a unit its getting rough i just need to leave my hair
    alone for a while. Great video gorgeous lady?

  4. Candice M

    please do a vid on how you manage your new growth. I’m having a hard time
    with mine and I’m only 2 almost 3 mos. post. ?

  5. Dana Robinson

    I live in California too (IE area), do you know of any stylist in this area
    that specialize in healthy hair? I was natural and decided to texlax, it
    isn’t working out for me I have a lot of shedding, but my length is fine,
    what should I do??

  6. etam1616

    I have been waiting for a video like this because I’ll be making my first
    RPG Show investment after the holidays…this is a huge help. Thanks!?

  7. Princess Jaeda James

    Awesome vid! Awesome tips!! Definitely going to try thst edge control!
    Thanks beautiful!!!! ?

  8. Dianne Saint

    Can you tell us where exactly you got your turban headband from? I googled
    it and the prices range from $5.00 to $25.00. As for what videos I’m
    looking for, I’m looking for hairstyle videos with your transitioning hair.
    Your hairstyle ideas are very simple, yet unique. ?

  9. NaturallyJoli

    I’d love to see a video of you actually putting on your net cap and wig and
    blending it because your wig here looks amazing! The hole in your net cap
    makes me nervous. Idk if it’s okay for part of your braids/real hair to rub
    against the wig so much at the open hole part. ?

  10. khaos

    I might have to buy some of the D.E. Edge Control. Eco Styler gel REFUSES
    to keep my edges slick. I’m 7months post relaxer and all the gel does is
    curl up my baby hairs lol?

  11. Candice M

    i just bougt more eco styler gel for my edges! i have to try that design
    essentials edge control.?

  12. Geraldine Jean-Baptiste

    thank you so much for this! I’m giving my hair a break from extensions and
    these tips will be helpful especially the tip about not using the combs ?

  13. MsMockingbird06

    I would love to see more transitioning videos and I can’t wait to see your
    routine for itchy scalp!?

  14. Kayla Westmoreland

    I’m 7 months post so we’re on this journey together. Can you do a video on
    what are your go to styles to during your transition? ?

  15. kimberly alleyne

    Videos I would <3 to see? Girl all of the above! Stretching Conditioning
    BlowOuts Detangling!! Woo my hairs a Bee Hive right now! Thanks Traycee for
    the info. The Tuban & Head Band idea will be put to use! ?


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