Make A Wig- Basic Quick Weave Tutorial

This is as basic as it gets. Keep in mind these videos will just be to show you how to make the wig, not really style it. There are unlimited amounts of styles you can create by doing a quick-weave wig so I don’t really see the point of me showing how to do a specific one. I buy all my wigs and hair from wig/hair stores where I live, or whenever I’m out traveling and stop in somewhere. You can also purchase these things online. Where I’m not too sure since I never have but if you have let me know in the comments so myself and everyone else can check them out! The next one I do will have a longer style using just regular tracks you would buy if you bought a bag of hair and not a kit. I’ll also incorporate alternating colors as well as showing you how to make your own closure for the top. Twitter: Facebook: Personal Channel: Requests: BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY:
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23 thoughts on “Make A Wig- Basic Quick Weave Tutorial

  1. SamThirt33n13

    would this work as well on a bold cap? because at some point i really want to try to make a wig with brain prosthetic on? it.

  2. Dragonfly7401

    You are a truly amazing artist. Stumbled on you videos to teach me? how to put on make up better and I am hooked watching every one made by you. Wish we were neighbors!

  3. xiluv2skankx

    This is awesome. Thanks for the? video, I recently seen that Sally Beauty has those styrofoam heads for like 3 bucks which will help me see what I’m doing :)

  4. puppetmaker2

    Holy crap you just said what I one knows what Im talking aboute when I describe how it loss…and I lost my hair when I was 5 …Im a guy? so I dont think Ill be making a wig for myself…maybe a costume or puppet though …lol

  5. Brit8002

    Hi Josh,
    I’m not sure if your going to read or respond to this but I have a few questions about making a wig for ya. This is my first time making one and I was wanting to make a wig that I could use for a longer time and was wonder should a use a netted wig cap or still the stocking cap. Also I wanted to know if it would be better if it was sawn or is there some kind or stronger glue that can be used? Just respond when you? get the chance.

    Thank so much,

  6. stvie

    while I find this video very helpful I can’t help noticing that at? 13:17 you resemble Disney’s Aladdin a bit.


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