Hi Beauties, Please SUBSCRIBE! It’s Free!! Check Here Hi Ladies, I purchased all these items with my own money. This video is going to show you what items I think you need to build your “wig making starter kit”. I started with these items. They helped make the job easier. I’ve listed all the items below, I truly believe that if you shop from the recommend websites, everything should cost under .00 Watch it here Let me know what you think.. :) Because I don’t like using the spandex dome cap, I’m going to use one of my old wigs, remove all the hair, and use that wig cap as my wig foundation cap. I did it before, and I loved my results. Later, I’ll show you how I make my Beautiful wigs :) Thank Beauties. xoxo Shop Sally Beauty Supplies 1 pk. of 30 T-Pins .69 1 Curved Tip “C” Needle .49 Black Weaving Thread .19 Styrofoam-Head .19 Manikin-Holder .00 Cutting Shears .99 Info For Sally’s Club Membership These Items Are Optional, However I use these two to Adhere My Wefted Hair To My Wig Cap. Shop GlueSticksDirect: 12 pk Hair Extension Glue Sticks Fusion Glue-Gun If you like, you can use this inexpensive hair to practice your sewing, bonding or fusion techniques. Check it out: Jazz Weaving Synthetic Hair Extensions By: Vienna
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  1. dollladie

    Desi – Are the fusion glue sticks the same as regular hot glue sticks for crafting? I imagine it could get too hot and melt the hair, but they do make cooler sticks for fragile crafts. I always used bonding glue, but that’s a hot mess (no pun intended)? – Any ideas?

  2. dollladie

    This method is perfect. Those spandex caps are just too tight for? me – or, worse, the foam HEADS are too small for me. At least with a cap I’ve already worn, I’ll know how it fits. Thanks, Dezi.

  3. Dezi1016

    Aww.. thank so much? for the warm words, I truly appreciate them. Many Blessings to you and yours too. Thanks for watching my videos. (???~)

  4. Dezi1016

    Hi Roz, If and when you make your wig, I hope you love everything about it. Thanks? so much for watching! (*? * ?)

  5. ytcookout

    You are a genius and thank you? so much. You are a wonderful person for sharing this. May you be blessed a million times over for blessings all your subscribers. You are beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside. Blessings Always to you and your family and friends.

  6. roz3657

    I really enjoy watching your vids. You explain and illustrate so well. I have a round shape face and my head is on the smaller size. It’s hard for me to find wigs that are suitable for me. I’d about doing this but wasn’t sure it would turn out ok. I’d never seen this done before, until I was your video. Im thinking of doing this with an old remy wig, but the net is different from yours. Mine is made of a strechy netted mesh material. I love this cap, it still fits like brand? new.

  7. Dezi1016

    Hey Mama, I’m never throwing my old wig away until I remove the? old I glad I could help. Thanks for watching! (???~)

  8. Shonablew007

    Awesome tutorial!! I will be saving my old wigs moving forward thanks to you. ? Heart ya so much Ms Dezi!!

  9. Dezi1016

    Hi Sexy, it’s in good? condition. I like to wash them first so they can be clean and fresh, and ready to have the hair sewn onto it. Don’t forget to look for that video, it’s coming soon. Thanks (*? * ?)

  10. Dezi1016

    Hey Mama, how are you? I’ve missed you here. Yep!! I’m just waiting for my hair order to come in. Make sure you have all your wig making? tools ready. And I know you have a old old wig, just carefully remove all the hair. Make sure you have your wefted hair ready to fusion your wig. It’s going to be quick as easy. See ya later (*? * ?)

  11. lilcutenurse

    Thanks, dezi please be sure and do a wog making video, I’m getting all my supplies ready, lol for so ican be on point? when the video comes! Luv sis

  12. Dezi1016

    I love Virgina, I’m there every summer. My heart is there. I will make a fusion video soon. I ordered some hair, just waiting for it to arrive.Thanks for watching. (*? * ?)?

  13. Dezi1016

    Aww..thanks for the inspiration.? Recycling wig caps, who would have thought…lol I did see that video by DivasCanCook, she is so talented, I love her too, but for right now… I’m pulling out my old busted wigs….lol Thanks for watching! (*? * ?)


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