(*Attention* I’m not a profession) This turorial will show you how to make a wig for males or females. This wig is short and is a quick weave. I find this hair style very JAPANESE type of hair. This look is very simple and very natural looking. I was really going for something that looked natural and very slick and classy. This type of wig can be worn anywhere, the park, mall, school, home, store and etc. I hope this turorial is helpful to some of you. Enjoy!
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19 thoughts on “MALE WIG #1

  1. PrincessTeeBreezy

    boy you fine how you are, but damn you look asian after you did that. looks nice? either way!

  2. audiotrax2000

    This style looks fantastic on you. You already have a perfect head of hair.? Why not just grow it out into this?

  3. deewg56

    do you know how to make something for the top of a head only. my sides and back are thick, but i’m thinning in the top. you have such talents and i know you can give me an idea how? to create a toupee for a woman. thanks

  4. punkmonkey123

    I really like the idea of making one of these. 😀 I need something to cover up my hair with since I like to change it up so often.? Do you know of any quick weave sets that you can dye?


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