Malika Haqq Glue-less Lace Wig & Best Lace Wigs Promo GIVEAWAY.

Hair By: Gsw301 virgin hair link Color: Natural length 20 inches glue-less lace wig Malika Haqq Best lace wigs Easter Promo From March 5 – April 23 2012 Customers who purchase a lace wig from Best Lace will have the opportunity to enter they’re Easter Promo Giveaway. RULES: 1. You Must upload a video between March 5th- April 23rd 2012 to Youtube. 2. Email Best Lace Wigs your video link along with your name 3. Explain in your video, your experience with best lace Wigs, How you upkeep your wig or wigs from Best Lace wigs, how you style your wig. 4.. All videos entries must be in by April 23rd 2012 Winners will be announced April 24th 2012 PRIZES!!! 1st Place WINNER will receive a wig from Best Lace in the value of 0.00 2nd Place WINNER will receive 0 cash via Paypal 3rd, 4th & 5th Place WINNeRS will receive 300 points towards they’e future purchase from Best Lace ALL ENTRIES WILL automatically receive 50 points towards they’re future purchases from Best Lace So ladies get in on the giveaway and check out Best Lace Wigs for they’re newest addition the Malika Haqq Glue-less full lace wig! Okay so this wig came prestyled for me however the curls were a little out of place being that they were factory curls so I ended up loosening the curls and making it look more like Malika Haqq hairsytle. As always I left a little of my own hair out the hair line was okay not as thin but as long as you can work around it and make
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16 thoughts on “Malika Haqq Glue-less Lace Wig & Best Lace Wigs Promo GIVEAWAY.

  1. SFVone

    Yep, unfortunately a lot of the gurus get SO many wigs they can’t do a proper review. If they wore the wigs every day for a few weeks that would be different. Then again, ‘gurus’ receive the good? wigs. BLW sends crap to everyone else.

  2. SFVone

    omg, BLW has the worst wigs ever! So many people received bad wigs from them. I guess they need the free? advertising. This is sad :(
    Btw, I bought 2 wigs from them and they shed like crazy. One lasted 3 weeks. not cool

  3. mck020751

    Hello , I really enjoy watching your videos. Could you tell me how to take care of? my curly lace wigs? Like the everyday up keep? thank you!!!!!

  4. MsLyricJacksonTV

    You are super cute. I met Malika way back when Khloe dated my cousin Rashad McCants. The wig looks better than how I remember Malika’s hair to be. I think she use to rock a bad weave but maybe now she’s doing a lace wig. I must say you sure are nice. My cousin told me about your channel. Its fun to watch you with different hair style. Maybe one day I will try a wig. Wonder how I would look? blonde.

  5. bhammett1

    Yes I can, 20120312003908, I sent a message immediately when I received this? item and received an unacceptable response from Rita. My video is up now.

  6. BABW44

    Same with me too. It was my first lace wig but the shedding was HORRIBLE. I didnt bother to return it. But by the end of a month of wearing it, 3/4 of the hair had fallen out and you could see through the hair to the cap. And the hair wasnt all that amazing either. Its a great wig site to start off with and wear? for some weeks but for long time wearing, try RPG show or other more expensive wigs. You get what you pay for. My wig was 140 dollars and boy did i get a 140 dollar lace wig. -__-

  7. shaelovely08

    I dont see why you took the wave out it was BEAUTIFUL … I mean I like what you did with it ..But I loved it MORE with the Old Hollywood curls ?

  8. bhammett1

    Got mine today. Very poorly constructed cap :( I had to spend an hour sewing the combs down as they were falling off, and the side tabs were nearly all out of the slots and I had to sew them down too! They also sent me dark lace instead of the light color I ordered. I will be sending you a video response? for this one girl! It will be the indian remy version but everything else is the same.


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