Messy Wigs and Haircuts!

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25 thoughts on “Messy Wigs and Haircuts!

  1. 27Dupree27

    Your Sister always does a wonderful job with Mr. Bugs haircuts. Man I tell
    ya when it comes to the rare times I have my Mommy time sometimes I am
    nervous about my Daughter waking up & not going back to sleep it doesn’t
    happen very often anymore though.?

  2. Latoya Locks

    The show “Empire” comes on FOX on Wednesdays. As for Scandal, the first
    couple of episodes may be a little slow, but it starts to get more
    interesting after that. Unless, you’re not into shows like that. Kylan’s
    haircut is so adorable!?

  3. Cassandra Barthelemy

    Kylan’s hair looks great! Good job Zaire! He looks so handsome, like a baby
    model. Have you and John thought about that for the kids? At least while
    they’re still young? Also, Karsyn is such a diva. I love her personality.?

  4. J Clifton

    PARENTHOOD! It is on Hulu for sure,….pretty sure Netflix too. The final
    episode of the final season (season 6 ) is supposed to air next week…but
    it’s the best especially if you love family!! <3 Jenna ?

  5. Linda Hocking

    Awwh, he looks like a big boy now, good job auntie! Just enjoy hanging out
    with my homegirl. Have you guys ever considered doing Live hangouts? I
    would love that. Be blessed.?

  6. fcook24

    Girl yes you have to get into empire it have not been on long but I’m in
    love with it lol and I’m loving your hair ?

  7. Tasia WilNic

    The wigs though lol We are women that’s why we wanna switch up our hair :-)
    Ooooooo Kylan ???? he looks so grown! Hey Kaine & Karsyn ?????

  8. AddictedtoGeneralHos

    Breaking bad! The first five-ish episodes were really boring to me but once
    you get into it, it’ll keep you entertained. Also, try House of Cards and
    Orange is the New Black. Great Netflix originals.

    Also, if you start greys anatomy from the beginning (currently in its 11th
    season) you’ll never have a shortage of netflix materials ?????

  9. 83prettyblack

    Scandal was steamy grl. I think you have to start from the beginning to
    really get in to it. Have you seen Orange is the new black or weeds. I
    don’t know what kind of movies you like. You and your twin have great
    teeth( I know im weird lol) Zaire did a great job on lil guys hair. He
    looked daper like a lil man Awwwww!?

  10. Deedra Boodram

    I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD. I straight up cried on the last episode. For some
    reason I cannot get into Scandal either. Is Dexter on Netflix? I wish Zaire
    could come cut my sons hair….I want to cut his hair so bad. I am scared I
    am going to mess it up.?

  11. Tyra Dickens

    You should try Breaking Bad on Netflix it is a great series… Empire comes
    on Fox Weds. after American Idol.. Hope this helps s you will have
    something to watch… Love your Volgs and Family.?

  12. Ivy Williams

    If u like Dexter you may like Blacklist. Also good series are Call the
    Midwife, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, and a really great movie is Hart’s
    War. ?

  13. MsTammy55

    Some suggestions on Netflix are Wentworth and especially Nikita!!! If you
    don’t watch anything else watch Nikita! The whole series starts and ends
    there, it’s no longer on tv so you won’t have to worry about catching up.?


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