Miss Wigs Italian Yaki Super Thick Hair Review

Hair By: Miss Wigs Misso Collection Italian Yaki color 1b 18 inches 5″ inch lace front. misswigs.com Alright ladies this is a very thick wig, it is full yaki texture, not the normal light yaki but thicker yaki fr those of you ladies who love they’re hair a little more natural looking. Now you know me I love me some light yaki texture but Iwanted to do this review for those of you who like something different, so basically its not always about what I like. Now I will tell you this hair is a little thicker than i would rally normally wear, but I used my InStyler to give it some style and ladies it WORKED it WORKED really nice on this wig, it gave it more bounce and straightened it out. The hair is soft and if you have an InStyler then try it out on your thicker hair wigs cause I am telling you it really WORKS miracles. Check out MissWigs.com misswigs.com for those wigs that are in your budget. Check out Smooches Accessories.com and use coupon code Frugal Fridays for 10% off your entire purchase from today until 2 (all day Monday until midnight) You Can Catch me at the following Smooches Accessories.com smoochesaccessories.com Bold & Sexy Jewelry at an affordable price! Make sure to follow Smooches Accessories on the following Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Youtube: youtube.com For thelatest in fashion, style, makeup, hair, beauty, gossip, shopping and more make sure you check me out at: Many Faces of Beauties.com manyfacesofbeauties.com Twitter twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 thoughts on “Miss Wigs Italian Yaki Super Thick Hair Review

  1. mmone1178

    Very good job with the instyler! Beautiful! I am still waiting for? you to create some earrings for us sisters with non pierced ears! Lol, thanks for sharing!

  2. randmmmmstufffff

    @muffinismylovers i was wonderingif you would sell that wig.. or maybe trade or something.!! it looks EAXACTLY like my hair. and i am having hair issues. so if you would sell it. tell me please.!!? 😀
    (if u need my E-mail… go ahead and ask me.!! <3 (:

  3. babigirllena

    I always order Italian Yaki, & I order it from a? Chinese Vendor. It’s much much cheaper!! I also get mine custom made. My Italian Yaki is an extra light density, but I still do flat iron it becuz the texture itself is naturally thick & doesn’t always look great on me when I wear it all down LOL. But it’s a GREAT texture for women who want to go for a very natural look! I love IY.

  4. MissBenn25

    So for those of us who like thicker coarser hair…Are you going to have a contest for this? wig? I know you just got it and all but IJS lbvs

  5. Jordyn956

    Hey DIVA ! I have an in styler but it doesn’t work w? my curly hair… Well it straightens it but it doesn’t get my roots. But I love love love you videos. Keep it up

  6. MzLeci

    Did you have any problems with this hair frizzing?? I ordered? a yaki textured wig from them and hated it because it would never stay straight nor hold a curl.

  7. MsCynsational

    April thank you so much for this video. I went out and bought? an InStyler, got a good deal on it too. Walgren’s on clearence for $49.99. I have a kinky straight LF from lacewigtrend and I straightend it with the InStyler, it came out beautiful, very bouncey, I love it !!!! Thanks again for the tip.

  8. tamoniva12

    Your earrings are gorgeous. You hid that talent for a long? time lady. : ) That instyler did wonders on the wig.

  9. LikeNoOther251

    Wow ! that instyler did work miracles cuz when u first put the wig on I was like? uugh to yaki for me….U made it work but those baby hairs gotta go


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