My 10 Dolly Wigs

Hello my swaggered up double rainbow pink glucose meltdown action kiddos! Me, my wigs, and a camera! Enjoy! I got those wigs here and there, time to time, in some cheap chinese stores…(except the blue Hatsune Miku wig is from Akihabara, Japan. ) ; D I ? wigs, because they make you into a different character so quickly! It’s fun wearing wigs! Which one is your favourite wig in this video? Tell me in the comments! ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? Read my Blog! ??? ??? Become a friend on my Facebook fanpage! ??? ??? Follow me on Twitter ??? ??? Check my out my very own Website! : ) ??? ??? I’m on Tumblr! ??? http ????????????????????????????? MUSIC Song Title: “Panko-Chan” I own the copyright to this song.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

15 thoughts on “My 10 Dolly Wigs

  1. BeautifulChickyness

    I love all of them!! Epically the blue one!! Could you please make a tutorial on this? I make up?? I have to know how to do it!! 😀

  2. geeklette99

    DAYYMM you’ve got allot of wigs!! XD what vocaloid is sining this (sounds like gumi) and which song? is it? please?

  3. TheEmilyMayhem

    You look so good with Miku Hatsuné hair! You should really due your hair a bright color or a? pastel.


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