My Current Wig Collection

My Current Wig Collection

G’day Everyone! Here are some discount codes: YTCOS30 (30% off Halloween wigs & capless wigs) FancY15 (15% OFF when buy products on abh…
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21 thoughts on “My Current Wig Collection

  1. SuperMaryFace

    Really sad that I even need to say this: When you tell a person what to
    wear, or ask them to wear something else, you are showing entitlement over
    their body. You are saying that your happiness is more important than the
    happiness and comfort of the person you’re speaking to. There will always
    be people who wear things that you personally wont wear, but there is no
    reason ever for you to be negative about another person’s choice of
    clothing. Clothing isn’t consent, clothing isn’t “showing off”, clothing
    isn’t an invitation for rude remarks. What they wear does not hurt you. Be
    a decent human being, keep those comments to yourself unless you want to be
    blocked and reported.?

  2. mslindsvlog

    #13 is to die for! Keep on doing what you’re doing, Mary. Do what makes you
    happy and wear what makes you comfortable. There will always be people who
    want to bring you down maybe because of their own insecurities, but for
    whatever reason they do it does not excuse their rude comments at all. You
    seem so lovely and secure in your own body, which is all that matters. :)?

  3. Chloe Lester

    I think number 6 really suits you!
    I was wondering if you could help me out, I’m going to use your little deer
    tutorial for my Halloween costume and I’m wearing a black tutu but I don’t
    know what top I would wear that could go with it??

  4. Katelyn Butler

    I love this video I think that this was way better than if you were just
    sitting down talking about them. :)?

  5. Winston Skivleton

    Mary, you seem like such a fun person to be around. You’re always dancing
    around and being silly and having fun. People say this all the time, but
    Ken really is a lucky guy to have a girlfriend as awesome as you. And that
    goes both ways really. Ken is a cool guy and it’s really nice that you guys
    found each other!?

  6. SmittenKitten

    I came here for the wigs, not your dancing. I didn’t mind it at first, but
    at some parts half of your head was just cut from the shot :/?

  7. Sky Goins

    This video is a perfect example why I love watching Marys videos. She’s
    always happy. She’s not just pretty and perfect on the outside, its on the
    inside to. She makes my day. So thank u Mary.?

  8. Asia Williams

    Do you wear them out? Like on normal days? I’d really like to wear wigs
    sometimes just to change up my hair without commitment.?

  9. Sarah Acree

    Could you teach us how you store all these wigs? I have quite a few of
    them, and I’m not happy with all the head mannequins taking up all the room
    on my dresser… THANKS <3 :D?

  10. Rachel Nista

    idk why people are always so mean to you. I love your videos because I
    enjoy cosplay and want to do more of it but I need some youtubers who talk
    about it like you do. But some people seem to only watch to be mean to you.
    Honestly you’re entitled to chose your own clothing, and people have no
    right to tell you what you should wear.?

  11. Mina Quinn

    dude her body is amazing and she is comfortable with her own skin . Who the
    hell cares ?!
    She has body goals and the people are who bigger or just dont like their
    bodies go workout and work on making yourself better instead of dissing
    someone for having the happiness and comfort that you want.
    Her boobs are great !
    Who cares ?!
    Her stomach is flat. Who cares ?!
    You people are making her beauty flaunting into a bad thing.
    Not everyone wears footy pjs to bed.?

  12. Alice Stewart

    OMG I LOVE 2, the dark purple one that looks like 2 (don’t know the number)
    and number…14 I think? Brown at the roots and blond all the way down and
    I love the Japanese wigs with the attachable bunches?????

    But can everyone PLEASE stop complaining about Mary “showing of her body”
    se can do whatever she wants wear whatever she wants! When I watched this
    video all I saw was Mary’s pretty face and lots of beautiful wigs.
    Obviously there are some horrible people and the first thing they will look
    at is Mary’s body. If u do that them fair enough but if you don’t like her
    body dont look at it! If you have a problem with her body dont look at it
    and certainly don’t comment! Mary doesn’t deserve these comments! She’s a
    wonderful person! I love you and your videos Mary dont let anyone get to
    you they are just jealous

  13. TorgiePie

    I think it’s incredible how so many different colors and styles and lengths
    look amazing on you Mary!?


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