My Lacefront Wig (purchased)….

Just wanted to show how I have adapted to my wig…. Let me know what you think! *I got this wig from a BSS in my local area…. *It was originally 89.99, but I got the hook up… *The name on the package is Premium Quality Champagne Lace Front Wig *The style is shown as Sun in a 1b *It is a synthetic wig that I had to cut to fit my face…. *I cut it myself and I did not use any adhesives…. *It came with some tape strips, but I have not used them yet… *It has clips in the inside (back, front) to make sure that it doesn’t move so I did not sew it to my head anywhere Hair Secret Professional Hair Store 2 locations if you are in Michigan (or plan on visiting) Universal Mall 586.576.0991 Oakland Mall (the store I go to) 248.577.2907 they do process over-the-phone orders They specialize in Extension Hair Wigs Hair Pieces Hair Replacement Services Jewelry Hair Care Products All kinds of accessories check out my website

16 thoughts on “My Lacefront Wig (purchased)….

  1. gail2478

    its cute on u…ive watched alot of peeps put theirs on so i m ready to put my own on becuz the girl that did mines didnt know what she was doing and? had turned me off from lace fronts! urs is cute

  2. lpenn0602

    you know what?…God honest truth, this is the best lace wig that have have seen on a girls head. usually the girls cake the make-up over the lace in the front but i love? yours, think ill copy and go buy me one soon…and i like it with the head band also very cute and different!


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