My Natural Hair and a Couple of Estetica Wigs

My Natural Hair and a Couple of Estetica Wigs

This is my real hair, plus a review of two Estetica wigs.
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16 thoughts on “My Natural Hair and a Couple of Estetica Wigs

  1. Julie Prince

    This video was done a year ago. I hope things are better for you. You
    made the statement that you had been depressed and crying a lot. I have
    been looking at wigs for about a month. In between the “looking at wigs”
    crying and staying in my room. I looked at several videos and no one ever
    said that they were depressed about losing their hair. I thought maybe I
    was the only one, maybe I was too vane. Anyway, I have yet to buy a wig.
    Everyone says that you should pick a color or style that you are used to
    for your first wig purchase. You didn’t. Do you regret that? Thanks for
    your help.?

  2. Prepping Angel

    They are both gorgeous on you. :) Honestly. I wouldn’t worry about the
    rooted color with the blonde. It looks great ?

  3. silentlight

    I wish I was able to do your hair for you, I have worked with many
    celebrities ,magazines etc,you have a nice face, what would suit you would
    be to have your cut in a urchin short crop , soft and feminine, and colour
    it very pale soft ash blonde, (check out actress Judi Dench on Google).
    ,you would look great with your real hair like that?

  4. Liz in Malta

    You’re right that was a good story, how sweet! You really were childhood
    sweethearts :)) I’m really enjoying your videos, I’m not wearing wigs for
    now but I can’t help watching videos about them lol! I can guess from your
    username what all the things behind you are but I’d love to hear more about
    it, is that your business or a hobby? Excuse me if I am being nosey but I
    can’t take my eyes off them…there are so many. I’d love to hear if you
    are happy to share :) Have a great day! Liz :) xx

  5. JannaStamps

    Thank you for watching! The Estetica wigs are actually pretty comfortable
    on, and the quality seems pretty good. Yeah, I think my hair just continues
    to fall out :( Still holding out hope that it will grow back, but I don’t
    think that is going to happen. Well, I can have whatever hair I want so no
    worries!! 😉

  6. JannaStamps

    Thank you Maggie :) I have fun changing up the different styles and colors.
    Sometimes I think I would just like to put on a stocking cap and call it
    good! Thank you for watching.


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